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Address: No. 25 Smithbrook Kilns, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8JJ

Terms & Conditions

Top Stitch Guildford - General Terms & Conditions

1. Once a learner has made a booking, either on-line or by phone, a confirmatory email will be sent to you. Please check that the details are correct. The booking is not transferable to another learner.

2. All course fees must be paid in full by the learner no later than the initial date of the course.

3. Top Stitch-Guildford reserves the right to cancel in writing or by email any courses owing to unforeseen circumstance, force majeure etc,. Refund of payments may be made at the discretion of Top Stitch-Guildford.

4. Top Stitch-Guildford reserves the right to cancel any course in the event of insufficient numbers for the activity to go ahead and the learner will be offered a place on an alternative course. If an alternative cannot be agreed a full refund will be given. The decision to cancel a course will be taken at least a week before the start of the course/activity and all learners will be informed by email to the address on the booking form.

5.  In the event of the learner cancelling a booking, a cancellation fee will apply. The cancellation fee is dependent on the period of notice given in advance of the first day of the course according to the following scale of charges:

  • Up to 8 weeks prior to first date of course – 100% refunded.

  • Up to 4 weeks prior to the first date of course – 50% refund.

  • Other refunds at the discretion of Top Stitch – Guildford.

6.  Cancellations must be made either in writing (email to or letter to No. 25, Smithbrook Kilns, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8JJ) or by telephone (07949616761) which must then be confirmed in writing or by email.

7. Access to Top Stitch – Guildford premises is limited to learners booked on a course for that day and is by prior arrangement only.

8. Any special learner requirements must be made clear in the ‘Any Special Requirements’ box on the booking form to allow for Top Stitch – Guildford to make any reasonable adjustments.

9. Kindly note that the receipt of any booking is regarded as a learner’s acceptance of these terms and conditions.

10.  In exceptional circumstances, payment by cheque or cash can be made.  For information regarding these methods of payment, please contact Top Stitch – Guildford by e-mail or phone.

11. Top Stitch – Guildford reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without prior notice.

12. Any adaptions made to Gift Vouchers not altered by Top Stitch - Guildford will be discarded and will not be used.  All Gift Vouchers are recorded and maintained by Top Stitch - Guildford.  All vouchers do not have any cash value and will not be exchanged for cash or alternate lessons.  If Top Stitch - Guildford wishes to allow an alternate or to use the voucher past the expiry date this will be at the discretion of the company only.

13. Owing to new GDPR regulations from 25th May 2018, all personal data stored by Top Stitch - Guildford shall only be retained for specific purposes where written consent has been issued.  This shall be reviewed every 12 months.  At no point shall any customers personal details be used for marketing purposes.  All photographs used shall have written consent and shall only be used on the Top Stitch - Guildford website. 

Collections - Terms & Conditions

1. All garments are made-to-order only.

2. Fabrics/Colours/Styles are subject to availability - alternative may be arranged with customer knowledge.

3. 'No returns policy' is explained prior to placing an order owing to the nature of the personalised homemade made-to-order item.

4. Payment in required in full at the time of placing the order. 

5. Delivery is within three to four weeks once order has been placed and full payment has been received. 

6. Confirmation email will be supplied to the customer once the order has been placed and full payment has been received. 

7. Full name, home address, email address and contact number must be provided at the time of placing an order.  This is so Top Stitch Guildford can deliver the item to the address provided and to be able to contact the customer to discuss the order if required.

8. Contact details will only be kept on file for marketing purposes after the transaction is complete, the customer has the right to ask for their personal details to be removed to keep in accordance with GDPR regulations. 

9. Sadie May is a registered trade mark – graphics, text and any such material or computer programs related to the website are owned by ourselves and thus cannot be used for any other purpose (other than for personal or non-commercial use and only then, provided you do not modify, obscure or delete such graphic, materials or text).  The misuse of our logo, will breach the Copyright Infringement laws.

10. All personal information will be kept private and confidential and at no point will Top Stitch Guildford and Sadie May willingly share this information with any third parties.

11. Website is for sole purpose of promoting and selling only our products and services.

12. Recommendations - to take all the safeguards necessary before downloading information from our website or any other website as Top Stitch Guildford will not accept liability for viruses.

13. Colours of products may vary according to settings on your screen and therefore can only be an approximation of the actual product.

14. Prices and availability of all of our products and services advertised on this website are subject to change at any time.

15. The content on the website is provided by way of information only. 

16. Garments are made-to-order (not made-to-measure) and therefore returns, exchanges or refunds will not be accepted.  Statutory rights apply.

17. When placing an order, the order confirmation e-mail is an acknowledgement of your order and not of fulfilment or dispatch.

18. Fabrics are subject to availability.

19. Care of garments – Always refer to care labels.  Top Stitch Guildford will not accept responsibility for damage caused to the product caused by improper care.

20. Arrangement of delivery to be discussed at the time of placing the order.  If an order has been sent by a courier no responsibility will be taken for delay in shipment and responsibility falls on the selected courier of which details will be provided. Prices displayed on the website exclude delivery costs and will be added to the total amount due.

21. Payment methods to be provided once an order is received.

22. Measurements provided to Top Stitch Guildford are at the customers risk and Top Stitch Guildford will not take responsibility for incorrect size being produced.

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