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Courses & Workshops

At Top Stitch Guildford I want you to enjoy your creative experience.  I won’t tell you what to do or what to make; you design and create what ever garment you wish!  I’m here to guide and help you all along the way.


I have two pathways to create your perfect garment – courses and workshops.

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Courses are 8 sessions in consecutive weeks providing 20 hours of your time to design and create your chosen garment.  Apportion your time to learn pattern cutting skills, sewing techniques, or garment construction methods.


Workshops are 2.5 hour single sessions (outside the courses) of time to enable you extra space, allowing additional flexibility if you require.  Workshops are great for learning single techniques (e.g. zips), for kick starting your next project, or as a taster session for the complete novice!

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Courses consist of a set number of weeks per course.



Workshops are available for morning or afternoon sessions

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